XFL Update: Vegas Vipers Changes, NFL Executives Endorse XFL

The Vegas Vipers

After only one season as the head coach of the Vegas Vipers, Rod Woodson has been let go. The Vipers will be coached by Dr. Anthony Blevins for the 2024 season. Blevins’ most recent tenure was with the NFL’s New York Giants, where is served in the roles of assistant special teams coach, assistant defensive backs coach, and assistant linebackers coach from 2017 through 2022.

Like Woodson, Blevins was a cornerback as a player. Most of his coaching experience is focused on the defensive unit so his overall strategy may lean that direction.

“I’m honored to be named head coach of the Vipers… I’m looking forward to taking the next step in my career, and this a great opportunity to share my knowledge and experience while getting the most out of players on the field for the fans in the stands and watching at home.”

Vegas Vipers Head Coach Dr. Anthony Blevins

Blevin’s first season with the Vipers will feature a new venue for 2024. There have been no other moves regarding XFL coaches, but we’re keeping our eye on the Orlando Gurdians’ Terrell Buckley, who led the team to a 1-9 record last year.

Reports have indicated that Cashman Field in Las Vegas will not be the Vipers home going forth. What’s not certain is whether the team will remain in Vegas. The team featured the lowest attendance in the entire XFL, leaving the door open for a new city to play for in 2024.

Nashville and Phonix are early contenders for the Vipers’ third home in as many years. Stay tuned for more on where Vegas ends up.

NFL Executive Discusses The XFL

Troy Vincent, the NFL’s head of Football Operations, recently sat down for an interview with the XFL’s YouTube Channel, discussing his thoughts on the spring league. The XFL and NFL relationship appears to be fruitful despite a history of the league’s disdain for spring football.

Vincent is candid in revealing that he doesn’t view the XFL as a rival organization to the NFL. The schedules do not overlap, and the XFL is seen as a development league for the National Football League.

Over 60 XFL players were extended preseason NFL contracts in 2023, and it is clear that the league has its eyes set on any talent from all of the eight current teams.

“…identifying that college or pro football player that just needs a few more snaps. The only way you get better at football is playing football. And that’s what the XFL [does]. It presented that dreamer the opportunity to be identified, develop those skills to complete or take his game to the next level, and then he finds himself in [an NFL] camp.”

Troy Vincent

This relationship between the XFL and NFL bodes well for the future of the league and is key to its long-term success.

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