Types Of XFL Bets

At most online sportsbooks, the kinds of XFL bets available to you are the same as most other types of sports bets. At the top XFL betting sites, you’ll get the standard variety of wagers you’re probably used to in other markets. Because XFL betting will be so familiar to football gamblers, the league is positioned to turn a big handle at offshore sites.

All the different kinds of bets you can choose from will generally fall under one of the following categories: spreads, straights, totals, props, and futures.

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XFL Spread

The XFL spread is just like the NFL spread, which is the most recognized type of wager in American sports. Spreads are designed to handicap a given contest so that both sides of the wager are compelling to bettors. To do this, spreads “take” points from the favorite and “give” points to the underdog.

  • Seattle Dragos +6.5 (-110) at DC Defenders -6.5 (-110)

XFL Straight Moneyline

The straight moneyline bet (aka the moneyline bet or straight bet) simply requires bettors to pick a winner and a loser. There is no handicapping in a straight wager, and you’re paid out according to the moneyline. Favorites typically carry negative moneylines, while underdogs usually have positive moneylines.

  • Louis BattleHawks + 155 at Dallas Renegades -185

XFL Totals - Over/Under

Totals betting is concerned only with the total number of points scored between both teams of a given XFL game. Your sportsbook will assign a totals number to the contest, and you simply bet on whether both teams will combine to score more than (“over”) or less than (“under”) that number. For this reason, a totals line is also referred to as an over/under bet.

  • Tampa Bay Vipers at New York Guardians O/U 48.5 (-110)

XFL Props

XFL proposition bets are wagers you can place on individual player and team performances in a given contest. Props can be on any number of things, from how many touchdowns a quarterback throws and how many yards a running back tallies to how many tackles a DB racks up or how many turnovers a defense forces.

  • Will Aaron Murry start at Quarterback in Week 2

XFL Futures

XFL futures bets are wagers you can place on things like the XFL champion, the XFL MVP, and other season-long outcomes. Futures are essentially long-term prop bets, and they’re usually available all season – and all offseason – long.

  • Odds to win the XFL Championship

XFL Parlays

XFL parlay betting is betting on multiple games at once and stringing them together as one bet. The hiher the risk (more games bet upon), ht e higher the reward. Below is an example of picking two favorites and one underdog.

  • Guardians +5.5
  • Wildcats -3.5
  • Vipers -5.5

XFL Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is how the majority of gamblers prefer to place their sports wagers. While US residents have some access to domestic brick-and-mortar or online books, most of them have neither. Fortunately, when you use one of the best XFL betting sites, you can access every single line from the site’s mobile interface.

This works perfectly across most connected portables, so whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or other tablet or mobile device, you’re covered. Of course, whether or not you cover is another matter entirely!

Understanding The XFL Moneyline

Every wager, regardless of type, has a moneyline, as the moneyline is how US sports bets are priced. European and Asian markets use fractional odds or decimal odds, but American bettors use the American moneyline – especially on an all-American game like the XFL.

For most bets, you’ll find the moneyline in parentheses after the terms of the wager itself. This number will be either positive or negative. Typically, a favorite will have a negative moneyline, which is denoted by a minus (-) symbol, while an underdog will have a positive moneyline indicated by a plus (+) symbol.

For payouts, a negative moneyline shows how much you have to wager to win $100, while a positive moneyline shows how much you can win on a $100 bet. Keep in mind, moneylines are ratios, and most XFL betting sites will let you risk as little as $0.50 per wagers.

Note: Many wagers will have the same moneyline – usually -110 or -115 – on both sides of the bet. This is true for spreads, totals, and yes/no props, as the sportsbook seeks to guarantee a roughly 5% take for itself regardless of the bet’s outcome.

XFL Live Betting

Live betting will likely be available on XFL contests at most offshore operators. In-game wagering is growing in popularity for all sports across the board, and fans of the new league are sure to get dynamic lines that change by the minute to reflect the up-to-the-minute action on the field.

Just remember: With live betting, you’ve got to be quick on the snap and get the ball out fast, because as soon as the line shifts, you’ll have to change your play.

Best XFL Sportsbooks With The Most Bet Types

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada is the most trusted name in online sports betting, with nearly 10 years in the industry and the freshest XFL lines anywhere. The site accepts players 18 and up, and residents of most US states are welcome.

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