XFL vs. NFL: What Are The Difference Between NFL And XFL Rules?

The XFL now appears to be a permanent fixture on the spring sports schedule, and there are several differences between the way they play football and how the NFL does things. The difference between XFL and NFL rules are many, and we’ve covered them from top to bottom in the following sections.

In addition to differentials and commonalities between NFL and XFL rules, we’ve also provided a list of our most preferred online XFL betting sites that also offer odds on all NFL games.

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    Things The NFL And XFL Have In Common

    How Is The XFL Different From The NFL

    • 8 Total XFL Teams Across Two Divisions (North, South). 32 Total NFL Teams Across Eight Divisions (AFC East, AFC South, AFC North, AFC West, NFC East, NFC North, NFC South, NFC West)
    • The NFL Plays A 17-Game Regular Season Over 18 Weeks. The XFL Plays A 10 Game Regular Season Over 10 Weeks
    • All XFL Teams Are Owned By The League. All NFL Teams Are Privately Owned
    • NFL Season Is From September To January. XFL Season Is From February To May
    • 14-Team NFL Playoffs With Four Division Winners And Three Wild Cards Per Conference. 4-Team XFL Playoffs With Division Winners Hosting A Semifinal Game Against The Division’s Second Place Finisher
    • XFL Rosters: 51 Players. NFL Rosters: 55 Players.
    • XFL Head Coaches Are Granted One Challenge Per Game. NFL Coaches Have Two Challenges Per Game
    • A Reception In The XFL Only Requires One Foot In Bounds. A Catch In The NFL Requires Two Feet In Bounds.
    • The NFL Uses A 40 Second Play Clock. The XFL Uses A 35 Second Play Clock.
    • PATs In The NFL Can Be Achieved By Kicking A Field Goal From The 15 For 1 Point Or Converting From The 3 Yard Line For 2 Points. The XFL Does Not Allow For PATs To Be Achieved By Kicking A Field Goal. XFL Teams Can Covert For 1, 2, Or 3 From The 3, 5, Or 10 Yard Line, Respectively.
    • NFL Kickoffs Occur From The 35 And Can Be Received In Bounds, In The End Zone, Or Can Travel Through The Back Of The Endzone For A Touchback. XFL Kickoffs Are Made From The 25 And Must Land Between The 20 And The Goal Line. Only The Kicker And Returner Can Move Until The Ball Is Caught. XFL Kickoff Return Teams Line Up At The 25 With Return Cover Teams Lining Up At The 30.
    • Onside Kicks Can Be Recovered After 20 Traveling 20 Yards In The XFL, And 10 Yards In The NFL.
    • XFL vs. NFL Salary: XFL Players Earn $5,000 Per Week With A $1,000 Bonus Given To The Winning Team. The Minimum Salary For An NFL Rookie Is $750,000 Per Year.
    • Personal Fouls Can Be Challenged In The XFL. The NFL Does Not Allow For Personal Fouls To Be Challenged.
    • In Both The NFL And XFL, Pass Inferences Are A Spot Foul. The Only Difference Is The XFL Features An Unintentional Pass Inference Penalty For 15 Yards.
    • XFL Overtime Periods Are Shootouts Where Each Team Gets Three Chances For A 2-Point Conversion From The 2 Yard Line. The NFL Overtime Can Be Sudden Death If The First Team To Possess The Ball Scores A Touchdown. If The Second Team To Possess The Ball Scores More Than The First, The Second Team Wins. In The NFL Playoffs, The Game Will Not End If The First Team Scores A TD.
    • Two Forward Passes Can Occur In The XFL As Long As The First Catch Was Made Behind The Line Of Scrimmage. Only One Forward Pass Per Play Is Allowed In The NFL.
    • The XFL Failed Twice Before In 2001 And 2020. The NFL Has Been Around For Over 100 Years And Has Become The Most Popular Viewing And Betting Sport In The United States.

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