XFL Betting Guide


The XFL is back, baby! But this time, the new XFL football league looks less like a Hail Mary and more like a first and goal. Though the original XFL experiment fizzled in 2001, and the 2020 version was cut short due to COVID-19, new ownership promises to bring the league back in full force during the spring of 2023.

We’ve got all you need to know about the XFL and legal XFL betting - including current XFL betting odds and the top-rated XFL betting sites for USA football fans.


Nobody knows what “XFL” actually stands for, but bettors and fans can consider it the Xtra Football League, with its season taking place during the NFL and NCAAF lull. But the reimagined sequel isn’t just great for bettors, it’s a serious endeavor that complements rather than competes with the NFL. Where other “NFL minor leagues” have failed, the new XFL promises to hit the ground running and payout bigtime!

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    Best XFL Betting Sites For The 2023 Season

    Bovada Sportsbook

    Bovada is our #1 choice when it comes to betting on XFL games online. They accept US players over the age of 18 and have game lines and futures on XFL matchups.

    New accounts that sign up can take advantage of a 50% bonus up to $250. Bovada players also have access to other services including an online casino, poker room, and racebook.

    Bovada is considered the most trusted offshore sportsbook and is a name players can trust for all their XFL betting needs.

    Rank Brand Bonus Link
    #1 Bovada Logo 75% up to $750
    #2 BetUS logo 125% up to $3,125
    #3 Mybookie Logo 50% up to $1,000
    #4 BetOnline brand logo 50% up to $1,000
    #5 Xbet Logo 100% up to $500

    Current XFL Betting Odds

    Preseason Odds To Win The 2023 XFL Championship Game

    • St Louis Battlehawks +350
    • Seattle Sea Dragons +400
    • Arlington Renegades +400
    • Vegas Vipers +450
    • Orlando Guardians +500
    • San Antonio Brahmas +550
    • Houston Roughnecks +600
    • DC Defenders +650

    Is XFL Betting Legal?

    As long as you place your bets at an online or brick and mortar sportsbook that is operating legally offshore or domestically, then yes, it is perfectly legal.  The sportsbooks you see on this page are all operating legally within the industry and are either independently licensed or are owned and operated by a parent company that holds licensing credentials.

    So if you live in a state that has not yet legalized local sports betting, or you simply prefer the online betting options from international sportsbooks, you can place your bets at legitimate offshore sports betting sites without violating any state or federal gambling laws. The exceptions are CT and WA, both of which have prohibited all forms of online gambling, and the state of NJ, which has convinced offshore sportsbooks to exit the NJ gambling market.

    To learn more about the online sportsbooks listed above see our XFL sportsbooks review page where we discuss what makes each site different, legitimate, legal, and trustworthy.

    Betting on the XFL is going to be structured the same way as betting on the NFL and college football. You’re going to get spreads, straights, totals, and props for every game.

    For most of history, the NFL and NCAA have had a monopoly on football in the US. Many other leagues – both pro and semi-pro – have come and gone (mostly gone), but the new XFL has excellent odds to succeed, with several new rules that promise to be beneficial to the game.

    The new XFL isn’t some fly-by-night operation. And it isn’t a dumping ground for college dropouts and NFL washouts, either. This league is the real deal, with legitimate names highlighting the 2022 XFL Draft and experienced head coaches that will put together a premium on-field product.

    XFL Teams

    The league will once again compete with eight XFL football teams in 2023, but only the cities and head coaches have been named this far. Once the XFL team names and logos are made official, we'll update the following section.

    XFL 2023 Schedule

    • Week 1 – February 18/19
    • Week 2 – February 25/26
    • Week 3 – March 4/5
    • Week 4 – March 11/12
    • Week 5 – March 18/19
    • Week 6 – March 25/26
    • Week 7 – April 1/2
    • Week 8 – April 8/9
    • Week 9 – April 15/16
    • Week 10 – April 22/23
    • XFL Playoffs – April 29/30
    • XFL Championship – May 13

    XFL & XFL Betting FAQs

    The XFL is a source of major curiosity for both fans and bettors, so we’ve put together a robust section of frequently asked questions to help you understand all the ins and outs of the fledgling football league as well as how to legally bet on the XFL in the United States. If you’ve got XFL questions, we’ve got XFL answers! If you are looking for more information on the 2023 XFL season, see our XFL FAQs page that's dedicated to answering all your questions.

    Is it legal to bet on the XFL?

    Absolutely.  There are no federal laws prohibiting anyone from betting on XFL games at a brick-and-mortar or online sportsbook operating legally within the industry, either domestically or offshore. 

    Is the XFL coming back?

    Under new ownership, the XFL has announced that the league intends to renew operations in the spring of 2023. 

    How do I bet on the XFL?

    You can bet on XFL football by joining a domestic sportsbook if your state has already legalized sports betting or an offshore betting site if you live in an area where domestic wagering is not yet allowed. Both options are legal and safe, though you will get more and better XFL odds via offshore, Internet-based betting sites like those listed here.

    What is the best XFL betting strategy?

    For most sports betting, bettors have a long history of performances and records to draw from before placing any wager. However, because the new XFL has no prior history of note, figuring out which teams and players to put money on early in the season can be tough.

    Right now, the best XFL bets are going to be made by those who’ve researched each team’s head coach and their general coaching style. You can also make predictions about each XFL team’s chances based on their star players and how well they played in the NCAA and/or the NFL in years past.

    Ultimately, though, this is about fun, and as long as you don’t wager more than you can afford to lose, there is no right or wrong way to bet on the XFL.

    What is the best XFL betting site deposit method?

    When you want to make a sportsbook deposit at an XFL betting site, the process is simple. It can also be fast, provided you use a speedy deposit method like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

    However, since such international credit transactions can be declined on occasion, our recommendation is to use Bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency (i.e. Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.). Additionally, crypto deposits carry no added fees of any kind, and they often also come with the highest deposit limits.

    What is the fastest XFL payout option?

    Without a doubt, Bitcoin and supported altcoins offer the fastest way to get your XFL winnings paid out and in your hands stateside. Crypto withdrawals usually only take an hour or two, while all other payout options (bank wires, money orders, courier checks, etc.) can take a week or longer. Just remember, in order to get paid out in crypto, you have to first deposit using crypto.

    How old do I have to be to bet on the XFL?

    Unless your state has a legally defined sports betting age minimum on the books, you only have to be 18 and up to wager on the XFL. All the most reputable football betting sites keep to 18+ as their minimum age of membership, so as long as you meet that threshold, you’re good to go.

    However, if your state mandates 21+, we recommend waiting until you’re at least that old before signing up and betting on XFL action over the Internet.

    What channel will the XFL be on?

    The XFL will be aired across several different channels. These include:

    •    ABC
    •    ESPN
    •    ESPN2
    •    FOX
    •    FS1
    •    FS2

    You will also be able to enjoy XFL streaming via the above companies’ various apps for iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Roku TV, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and more.

    Is there an XFL fantasy league?

    It is likely that the major daily fantasy operators will offer XFL coverage. There is already considerable interest in XFL fantasy football, and the mainstream DFS brands should offer basic support for the league at the very least.

    Who are the best players in XFL football?

    It’s too early to tell who the best XFL players are, as most of the league’s talent is made up of those who haven’t seen much playing time in the NFL or otherwise haven’t played at a high competitive level since their college football days.

    However, recognizable names at the QB position – like Cardale Jones and Landry Jones (no relation) – are getting most of the early press.  

    What does XFL stand for?

    Interestingly, XFL doesn’t actually stand for anything. Most fans think it stands for “Xtreme Football League,” but that was already trademarked back in 2001 by a now-defunct operation, and it doesn’t look like Vince McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment owns any trademarks other than “XFL.” McMahon once quipped that the XFL stood for “Xtra Fun League” after fans criticized the NFL’s draconian rules by calling it the “No Fun League.”

    Can you buy XFL stock?

    Nope! While it would be great to buy stock in this league given its high probability of sustained success, the XFL is privately owned by Vince McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment, LLC. However, betting on the XFL is akin to buying stock in it, and you can do that at any reputable offshore sportsbook site.  

    How long did the XFL last the first time around?

    When the XFL first launched in 2001, the league only lasted one season. However, there were a number of factors that contributed to its rapid decline, all of which (and many more) have been safeguarded against for the 2020 iteration. By all accounts, the new XFL has what it takes to be in it for the long haul.

    Was the XFL scripted when the league first launched two decades ago?

    No, and neither is the 2020 XFL. The first time around, given the league’s WWE ownership, fans wrongly assumed that the football would have a dramatic pro wrestling flavor to it. This marketing miscommunication is one of the reasons that the original XFL didn’t succeed, though there were other issues, too. But regardless of Vince McMahon’s WWE empire, the XFL is a 100% serious, legitimate football league catering to football fans and sports bettors alike.  

    Why did the XFL fail in 2001?

    The first XFL failed for several reasons. In addition to the poor marketing addressed above, the league suffered from being split between two ownership entities: the WWE and NBC. Because NBC owned half the league, as soon as ratings declined, the broadcast company pulled out, and the league folded with it.

    Additionally, there were other missteps, like poorly planned alternate rules (including a weird, injury-inducing kickoff “race”) and team names that pushed the boundaries of PC taste, like the New York/New Jersey Hitmen and the Memphis Maniax (who nevertheless had one of the best sports logos of all time).