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The semifinals prior to the UFL Championship Game features a matchup of the best two XFL franchises left standing, both with intentions of winning it all. 2024 XFL Championship Game betting picks up steam once gambling on the XFL season is over, with odds for winners and losers populating the boards in late April and early May.

There are also XFL futures that let gamblers bet on the championship winner months in advance. We cover all elements of betting on the XFL Championship. Gamblers need a good venue to bet on XFL Championship odds, so we've provided a list of the top online sportsbooks we're members with and share a few reasons why they're the best.

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    Best XFL Championship Betting Sites For July 2024

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    #1 Bovada Logo 50% up to $1,000
    #2 BetUS logo 125% up to $3,125
    #3 Mybookie Logo 50% up to $1,000
    #4 BetOnline brand logo 50% up to $1,000
    #5 Xbet Logo 50% up to $500

    Current XFL Championship Odds

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    XFL Championship 2024 Schedule

    2024 XFL Championship Game Date And Teams TBD

    Betting On The XFL Championship Game

    The top finisher in the XFL Division and the second-place team earn a trip to the XFL Championship Game. Odds for the Championship Game are similar to all other regular season and postseason football contests, with game lines, props, and more. The winner will face the USFL Champion in the UFL Championship Game.

    XFL Championship Bet Types

    The following XFL bet types are the most common that will be offered for the Championship game. Any of these football bets can be made during the 14 days between the conclusion of the XFL Playoffs and the kickoff of the Championship Game.

    Also known as a game line, this is the most common form of betting on the XFL Championship Game. There are three elements to a football betting line – the point spread, the moneyline, and the over/under.

    Point spreads are the number of points removed or added for each team to make an even matchup. The team with a negative point spread is favored to win the Championship. The team with a positive point spread is the underdog and is projected to lose. Teams can cover by losing by less or winning by more than the spread.

    The moneyline odds are for betting on XFL teams that will win the game and does not factor in point spreads. The team with the lower odds is favored to win. Positive moneylines have the potential to win more money than the total bet, making underdog teams attractive despite their low probability of success. 

    The third part of an XFL betting line is the over/under (sometimes shown as O/U). This number represents the projected total points that will be scored by both franchises involved in the XFL Championship Game. Place a bet on the final tally being over or under the line and win if you’re correct.

    Betting on the total TDs thrown by either starting QB, the color of the drink poured on the winning coach, and the contents of postgame speeches are just a few examples of what XFL prop bets can take action on. Anything not involving spreads, totals, and winner odds can be considered a prop.

    This is a list of all XFL teams still eligible for the postseason, with moneyline odds offered on each. If the team wins the XFL Championship Game, the bet is a winner. Futures are available for most of the year at the sites featured in our online XFL sportsbook reviews but will disappear during the two weeks leading up to the Championship Game because moneyline winner odds will become a part of the betting lines. 

    Live Betting On The XFL Championship Game

    Point spreads, moneyline odds to win, the over/under, and prop bets become live after the XFL Championship Game begins. That means bets can be placed on the XFL Championship during the entire game without the need to place a pregame wager.

    Each XFL sportsbook will differ in how long they leave their in-game betting lines posted for the Championship. If one betting site removes its in-game betting lines, check out another of our top online sportsbooks to see if they still have live lines on the boards.

    XFL Championship Betting Apps

    Watching the XFL Championship Game is often a social experience that occurs at a bar or gathering. No matter where you’re watching from, as long as your smartphone or tablet is connected to the web, it can be used to bet on the XFL Championship Game.

    The XFL betting sites linked to here can be pulled up using iPhones, iPads, and Android devices across the country. All the XFL odds that are obtainable at the desktop sportsbook are also offered at the mobile betting apps we recommend.

    These XFL betting apps are opened through mobile Internet browsers just by clicking on any link we provide here at XFLB. Because there is no download, bets on XFL Championship odds can be placed immediately from whatever remote location players choose.

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    FAQs For Betting On The XFL Championship Game