2023 XFL FAQs - Questions About The New XFL Football League

With the XFL returning to the field in 2023, there are a lot of questions about the league and what makes it different. Fortunately, we’ve learned the XFL playbook and have all the answers. Whether you’re just a curious fan or are interested in online XFL betting, our XFL FAQs should help you run your routes accordingly.

XFL Betting FAQs

Yes! You can legally wager on XFL football at any top-rated online sports betting site like those featured here. XFL betting is currently pretty brisk, and as the inaugural season presses on, offshore sportsbooks are going to offer more and more betting lines for eager fans and gamblers.

While some US residents have access to domestically licensed local betting venues, the majority of American football fans have to wager with overseas sportsbooks to stay in compliance with US sports betting laws.

Note: Two states – Washington and Connecticut – currently have laws on their books barring all online gambling, including sports betting. However, these laws are historically unenforced, and all the best betting sites will accept WA and CT members (though you join and play at your own risk). Additionally, New Jersey residents cannot currently sign up and bet on the XFL at any reputable offshore book, though this is not technically a legal restriction and could change in the future.

About The New XFL

XFL football is a new spring Football league positioning itself as a complement to – rather than a competitor of – the NFL. The XFL football league is the sequel to the 2001 league of the same name, though this iteration is a far more serious endeavor, utilizing many forward-thinking rules that the NFL has long been considering. In this way, the league is a test bed for the NFL, though there is no official partnership between the two entities.


There are currently eight (8) XFL teams, most of which are in areas with NFL presences. The league will almost certainly grow in the near future if it is even remotely successful, but for the next few seasons, it will probably be limited to the original eight teams.

XFL Player FAQs

There are 52 players on every XFL team, which is significantly more than the 38 players that made up the original XFL squads in 2001. Active NFL rosters have 53 players, making the XFL team size comparable, though only 46 players are active on any given Saturday and Sunday.

XFL Season FAQs

The XFL season will begin on February 18, 2023, and will feature a regular season that will run for 10 weeks.

XFL Miscellany: Zero FAQs Given

The next XFL Draft will occur in November.