XFL vs. USFL: What Is The Difference Between XFL And USFL?

The spring season is now filled with pro football odds from multiple pro leagues, as the USFL and the XFL are now competing for viewership during April and May. "What is the difference between the XFL and USFL?" is a question we often receive, so we've created this exhaustive XFL vs. USFL comparison to assist.

Below, we compare the similarities in the USFL and XFL rules, and the areas that set them apart. We also share a list of our favorite XFL betting sites that accept members from inside the United States. These online sportsbooks also offer USFL odds.

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    What The XFL And USFL Have In Common

    • 8 Total Teams
    • All USFL And XFL Teams Are Owned By Their Respective Leagues
    • North And South 4-Team Divisions
    • Ten-Week Regular Season
    • The Top Two Teams In Each Division Meet In The XFL and USFL Playoffs
    • The USFL And XFL playoff betting Consist Of Two Semifinal Games
    • Each Team Gets One Review Request Per Game
    • Both The USFL And XFL Have A Franchise Located In Houston (Roughnecks/Gamblers)
    • Two Forward Passes Can Occur On The Same Play As Long As The First Reception Happens Behind The Line Of Scrimmage
    • Both Leagues Have Failed Before

    What Is The Difference Between USFL And XFL

    • The USFL Season Runs Between May And July. The XFL Season Runs From The Weekend After The Super Bowl In February Until May.
    • The XFL Kicks Off From The 25 Yard Line. The USFL Kicks Off From The 30 Yard Line.
    • XFL Kickoffs Must Land Between The Opposing Goal Line And The 20 Yard Line. Only The Kicker And Returner Can Move Until The Ball Is Caught. Blockers Line Up At The 30, With The Defenders Lined Up At The 35. USFL Kickoffs Must Travel 20 Yards Before The Kicking Team Can Recover The Ball.
    • USFL Teams Can Retain The Ball After Scoring By Recovering An Onside Kick, Or By Converting A 4th And 12th Attempt From Their Own 33. XFL Teams Can Also Recover An Onside Kick, Or In The 4th Quarter, They Can Convert A 4th And 15 From Their Own 25.
    • USFL PATs Can Result In 1, 2, Or 3 Points. A Field Goal From The 15 Is Worth 1, A Conversion From The 2 Is Worth 2, And A Conversion From The 10 Is Worth 3. XFL PATs Can Also Result In 1, 2, Or 3 Points. A 1-Point-Conversion Can Be Made From The 1, 2 Points From The 5, And 3 Points From The 10. There Are No Extra Point Kicks In The XFL.
    • Overtime: The XFL And The USFL Both Employ A Shootout Style Overtime. In The USFL, Each Team Is Given Three Chances At Scoring From The 2 Yard Line, With Each Score Worth 2 Points. In The XFL, Overtime Works The Same As The USFL Except That Attempts Are Made From The 5.
    • A Reception Requires That Both Feet Land In Bounds In The USFL. The XFL Only Requires One Foot To Be Established In Bounds For A Reception.
    • Pass Interference Penalties In Both Leagues Are A Spot Foul, But In The USFL, There Is The Potential For A 15-Yard Unintentional Pass Interference Penalty. In The XFL, A PI Can Be Called On A Ball Thrown To A Receiver That Is Behind The Line Of Scrimmage.
    • In The XFL, All Penalties And Fouls Can Be Reviewed. Personal Fouls Can Be Reviewed In The USFL.
    • XFL vs. USFL Salary: The Annual XFL Salary Grants Players $5,000 Per Week And A $1,000 Bonus Is Given To The Winning Team. The Current USFL Salary Is $5,350 Per Week. Players From The USFL Team That Wins The Championship Will Receive Bonuses Of $5,000.
    • XFL Roster Size: 51 Players. USFL Roster Size: 50 Players.
    • XFL Teams Play 5 Home Games In Their Home Cities And 5 Away Games. USFL Games Are Played In Detroit, Canton, Birmingham, And Memphis.

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