X Marks the Spot: XFL Futures Bets Have Arrived for 2020 Season

Heads up! Our recommended sportsbooks have now debuted odds for XFL futures bets, and we’re lining up to place a wager.  Read on to learn all you need to know regarding betting on the 2020 XFL season.

Bovada sportsbook has provided betting lines on games, but they have recently released futures odds for how many games each team will win during the XFL’s (2nd) inaugural season.  Let’s have a look at the odds and then breakdown how that applies to the 2020 XFL season.

Tampa Bay Vipers – 2020 Regular Season Wins

  • Over 7.5 (+110)
  • Under 7.5 (-145)

Dallas Renegades – 2020 Regular Season Wins

  • Over 6 (-125)
  • Under 6 (-105)

Houston Roughnecks – 2020 Regular Season Wins

  • Over 6 (-120)
  • Under 6 (-110)

D.C. Defenders – 2020 Regular Season Wins

  • Over 5.5 (-125)
  • Under 5.5 (-105)

Los Angeles Wildcats – 2020 Regular Season Wins

  • Over 4 (-120)
  • Under 4 (-110)

New York Guardians – 2020 Regular Season Wins

  • Over 4 (-130)
  • Under 4 (EVEN)

Seattle Dragons – 2020 Regular Season Wins

  • Over 3.5 (-115)
  • Under 3.5 (-115)

St. Louis BattleHawks – 2020 Regular Season Wins

  • Over 3.5 (-110)
  • Under 3.5 (-120)

Based on these odds we can expect the final standings for the 2020 XFL season to look something like this:

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay Vipers            8-2
DC Defenders                   6-4
New York Guardians        4-6
St. Louis BattleHawks      3-7

Western Conference

Dallas Renegades             6-4
Houston Roughnecks      6-4
Los Angeles Wildcats      4-6
Seattle Dragons                3-7

Because of these projections, we can assume that the combatants that will face off in the XFL playoffs will be as follows:

Eastern Conference Playoffs: Tampa Bay Vipers vs. DC Defenders
Western Conference Playoffs: Dallas Renegades vs. Houston Roughnecks

These results leave us with the following XFL championship game, which will take place on Sunday, April 26.

XFL Championship Game: Dallas Renegades vs. Tampa Bay Vipers

Bovada has posted the following odds for which XFL team will take home the title in 2020.

Odds to Win The 2020 XFL Championship Game

Dallas Renegades +350
Tampa Bay Vipers +400
D.C. Defenders +400
Houston Roughnecks +600
Los Angeles Wildcats +650
St. Louis BattleHawks +650
New York Guardians +700
Seattle Dragons +1000

Dallas and Tampa Bay are the leading contenders to advance to the XFL Championship Game based on the odds posted above.  The two teams that will be nipping on their heels will be the DC Defenders and the Houston Roughnecks, both predicted to finish second in their conference based on the regular-season wins futures lines.

One thing is for sure, the time to get involved with all the exciting XFL futures betting action is now.  Once this weekend has concluded, oddsmakers will have a much greater idea of how each team will perform and will adjust their odds accordingly.

Right now is when you need to hit the research hard and determine what your best bet will be.  Dallas is at the top of most sportsbooks odds to win the championship in 2020.  But why?  My assumption is because Bob Stoops is their coach.  Of all of the coaches involved in the XFL, Stoops has the most recent track record for success.  His name still carries a tradition of excellence along with it, and that goes a long way with oddsmakers.

That said, there are many more mysteries than sure things right now.  Coaches are helpful, but ultimately, the team with the best players is the most likely to win.

Just based on player personnel, I’d put the St. Louis BattleHawks towards the favorites to advance to the playoffs.  Their head coach, Jonathan Hayes, is almost a complete unknown regarding offensive strategy.  You can view that as a negative and move on.  The alternative is to assume that opposing head coaches will also have doubts as to what their playbook will look like, causing them difficulty in preparing for the BattleHawks.

St. Louis looks to be a run-heavy offense based on their roster. Christine Michael and Matt Jones are enormous, bruising running backs that have years of experience in the NFL. This powerful combo has the potential to impose their will against XFL defenses with a high yard per carry average.  You can safely bet on the over for the BattleHawks, and rake in a huge payday when they hit their fourth win of the season.