XFL Playoffs Betting: DC And Houston Have Locked Up Division Championships

The DC Defenders have wrapped up the North Division and will host a playoff game on April 30th, regardless of the outcome of their Week 10 game against the San Antonio Brahmas.

The St. Louis Battlehawks and Seattle Sea Dragons are both 7-2 and tied for second place in the North. In Week 10, Seattle and St. Louis are playing the two worst teams in the league. If Seattle and St. Louis win, then a yet-to-be-determined tiebreaker will be employed to decide which team makes the playoffs and faces the Defenders.

The sites included in our XFL sportsbook reviews suggest that it will be the Seattle Sea Dragons who qualifies as the second overall team in the XFL North. Their moneyline is 50 points ahead of St. Louis at Bovada and BetUS.

Both the Sea Dragons and Battlehawks are favored to win by over 8 points this weekend. If that forecast is correct, that means a team that finishes 7-3 will miss the playoffs, while another XFL franchise that is no better than .500 will qualify for the postseason.

Online sportsbooks have posted odds for betting on the Arlington Renegades becoming the second-place finisher in the XFL South and facing off against the Roughnecks in the semifinals.

The Renegades are favored to beat the Roughnecks by 1 point at home in Week 10, perhaps implying that Houston may rest their starters because they have the number 1 seed locked up.

The kicker is the 3-6 Brahmas are still in playoff contention because they’re only one game behind Arlington, who stands at 4-5. The Defenders are favored by a field goal on the road against the Brahmas, a margin that San Antonio could overcome if DC decides to rest some of their starting players.

The Houston Roughnecks will host either the Brahmas or the Renegades on April 29th in the South Division Championship game.

The only XFL bet types that are on the boards at the moment are championship futures, Week 10 betting lines, and a limited number of props for each contest. This has been the case all season, but we’re hopeful that more XFL prop bets will emerge for the playoffs and Championship Game.

Check out these preseason XFL futures to see how they would have paid out for bets placed before Week 1.

2023 Preseason XFL Championship Odds

  • St. Louis Battlehawks +350
  • Seattle Sea Dragons +400
  • Arlington Renegades +400
  • Vegas Vipers +450
  • Orlando Guardians +500
  • San Antonio Brahmas +550
  • Houston Roughnecks +600
  • DC Defenders +650

Now compare them to the XFL futures heading into Week 10.

2023 XFL Futures

  • DC Defenders +140
  • Houston Roughnecks +250
  • Seattle Sea Dragons +500
  • St. Louis Battlehawks +550
  • Arlington Renegades +1400
  • San Antonio Brahmas +2500

A preseason bet on the DC Defenders’ odds to win it all would have paid out at a ratio of 6.5-to-1 back in early February. Now, DC is at the top of the odds and the standings and is only paying out at 1.4-to-1.

The odds for the Arlington Renegades are astonishingly low for a team that is bound for the XFL Playoffs. They’ve not shown much promise in 2023, but the Rengades’ +1400 XFL Championship odds are worthy of consideration for a postseason qualifier.

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