2023 XFL Championship Odds Debut In Advance Of February 18th Season Kickoff

The 2023 XFL season begins on February 18th under the new ownership of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his team of investors. Whether or not the third time is the charm for the XFL remains to be seen.

Where there is pro football in the United States, there shall be betting lines created to take action on it. That statement holds true for the XFL, as futures odds are now on the boards for the 2023 league champion.

Odds To Win The 2023 XFL Championship Game (Bovada)

  • St Louis Battlehawks +350
  • Seattle Sea Dragons +400
  • Arlington Renegades +400
  • Vegas Vipers +450
  • Orlando Guardians +500
  • San Antonio Brahmas +550
  • Houston Roughnecks +600
  • DC Defenders +650

All three of the top-ranked sportsbooks included in our XFL betting site reviews are offering 2023 futures. Each XFL team currently holds massive moneylines that have the potential to cash in big if they win the title.

For instance, the top XFL odds-getter at Bovada is the St Louis BattleHawks. They are offering a +350 moneyline on their championship potential. The BattleHawks odds will deliver cash payouts of $4.50 on wagers of $1.

2023 XFL Futures (MyBookie/Xbet)

  • St. Louis Battlehawks +300
  • Seattle Sea Dragons +350
  • Arlington Renegades +400
  • Vegas Vipers +400
  • San Antonio Brahmas +500
  • Orlando Guardians +500
  • Houston Roughnecks +600
  • D.C. Defenders +700

MyBookie and Xbet.AG have identical XFL futures posted at the moment. The presence of alternative XFL betting lines allows gamblers the ability to shop around.

While Bovada may offer better odds for St Louis, MyBookie.AG and Xbet have posted the highest XFL Championship odds for the D.C. Defenders.

If gamblers opt to bet on the D.C. Defenders at MyBookie or Xbet instead of Bovada, they’ll earn an extra $0.50 for each dollar wagered.

2023 XFL Week 1 Schedule

Saturday, February 18

  • Vegas Vipers @ Arlington Renegades – 3:00 PM – ABC
  • Orlando Guardians @ Houston Roughnecks – 8:30 PM – ESPN

Sunday, February 19

  • St. Louis Battlehawks @ San Antonio Brahmas – 3:00 PM – ABC
  • Seattle Sea Dragons @ D.C. Defenders – 8:00 PM – ESPN

For now, these futures represent the only XFL bet types that are on the boards. The 2023 season schedules were unveiled weeks ago, so we’re surprised that there are no Week 1 XFL betting lines available.

While we are optimistic about the return of XFL football in less than two weeks’ time, we’re also realistic and are aware of the league’s past failures.

The current front office seems more intent on making the XFL last than the prior administration. That said, the 2023 incarnation of the league has had two years to prepare for February 18th, and information has been scarce.

There’s also the prospect of a competing spring football league existing alongside the XFL – the USFL. At first, the United States Football League seemed like a low hurdle for the XFL.

Lately, the USFL has been placing advertisements during NFL Playoff games, vastly increasing product awareness. The XFL’s promotional campaign has been largely dormant as of late.

The 2023 USFL season is set to begin on April 15th. That’s during Week 9 of the 2023 XFL season. For about a month, both leagues will go head-to-head.

Of the two leagues, we believe the XFL has a much better chance of survival. The picture will become much clearer in June when both USFL and XFL seasons have wrapped.

2023 XFL Futures: Bovada, MyBookie, Xbet