UFL Football Betting Update For Week Seven

Entering the seventh week of the 2024 United Football League season, franchises are beginning to position themselves for either the playoffs or an inevitable bottom-four finish.

In the UFL, the top two teams in each conference make it to the postseason, with the number one finisher earning home-field-advantage. Here is how the league is shaping up after six weeks of play.

XFL Conference Standings

  • St. Louis Battlehawks 5-1 (+140)
  • San Antonio Brahmas 4-2 (+850)
  • DC Defenders 3-3 (+1200)
  • Arlington Renegades 0-6 (+20000)

The Battlehawks have drawn the most attendance at their home games this season, rewarding their fans with a stout 5-1 record so far. The odds for betting on the Battlehawks place them as the top team in the XFL, but the San Antonio Brahmas are nipping on the heels of St. Louis.

The Brahmas will get a chance to play catchup as they face the lowly Houston Roughnecks in Week 7. San Antonio is favored to win by a field goal.

San Antonio Brahmas @ Houston Roughnecks Betting Line

  • Point Spread: Brahmas -3.0, Roughnecks +3.0
  • Moneyline: Brahmas -165, Roughnecks +140
  • Over/Under: 39.0
  • Begins Sunday At 3 PM

St. Louis is an underdog to the undefeated Birmingham Stallions of the USFL. If the Battlehawks lose, they’ll still hold the tie-break edge over the Brahmas due to their Week 2 head-to-head win.

St. Louis Battlehawks @ Birmingham Stallions Betting Line

  • Point Spread: Battlehawks +4.0, Stallions -4.0
  • Moneyline: Battlehawks +165, Stallions -195
  • Over/Under: 47.0
  • Begins Saturday At 4 PM

The DC Defenders are also well within striking distance of the playoffs. They are only one game behind San Antonio in the XFL standings and are favored by a point at home this weekend against the Panthers.

Michigan Panthers @ DC Defenders Betting Line

  • Point Spread: Panthers +1.0, Defenders -1.0
  • Moneyline: Panthers -110, Defenders -110
  • Over/Under: 43.0
  • Begins Sunday At Noon

USFL Conference Standings

  • Birmingham Stallions 6-0 (+110)
  • Michigan Panthers 4-2 (+800)
  • Memphis Showboats 1-5 (+12500)
  • Houston Roughnecks 1-5 (+12500)

The UFL Playoff picture in the USFL Conference is crystal clear after six weeks. The Stallions and Michigan Panthers stand well above the rest of the pack, but the Showboats and Roughnecks are still technically within mathematical contention to qualify for the postseason.

Neither Houston nor Memphis can catch Birmingham, but the Panthers have yet to clinch. The odds for betting on the Memphis Showboats place them as a Week 7 underdog to the Renegades, who are winless and arguably the worst team in the UFL.

Memphis Showboats @ Arlington Renegades Betting Line

  • Point Spread: Showboats +4.5, Renegades -4.5
  • Moneyline: Showboats +165, Renegades -195
  • Over/Under: 45.0
  • Begins Saturday At 1 PM

Go ahead and write Birmingham and Michigan down in ink for an appearance in the USFL Championship Game on the weekend of June 8th and 9th.

As for the XFL Championship Game, we expect the Battlehawks to be a part of it. The UFL futures place the Brahmas ahead of the Defenders, but DC just beat San Antonio last weekend.

The Defenders lost the XFL Championship Game last season, and we like their +1200 futures for a low-dollar sleeper opportunity.