2023 XFL Playoff Scenarios Entering Week 8

Although there are only three weeks remaining in the 2023 XFL season, all franchises remain eligible for the playoffs save for the Vegas Vipers. Each division winner is awarded a home game in the playoffs against the second place finisher.

The second-best team in each division earns the right to play the leader for a chance to compete in the XFL Championship Game. Here’s what each team needs to do to make it to the 2023 XFL Playoffs

XFL North Playoff Hunt

XFL North Standings

  • DC Defenders 6-1
  • St. Louis Battlehawks 5-2
  • Seattle Sea Dragons 5-2
  • Vegas Vipers 2-5

DC Defenders – While DC hasn’t got the division wrapped up just yet, they can do so by winning two of their three remaining games. They can clinch a playoff spot if they beat the Sea Dragons this weekend. Current futures odds for betting on the Defenders suggest they are still the team that is most likely to win it all this year.

St. Louis Battlehawks: The Battlehawks play the Sea Dragons in Week 9 which could be the decider, but St. Louis will need to keep winning to keep pace with Seattle. A win this week and next will clinch a playoff spot, and they can run down DC if the Defenders drop at least 2 games.

Seattle Sea Dragons: Because Seattle lost to St. Louis earlier in 2023, they really need to win their Week 9 game against the Battlehawks. Technically, Seattle can win two games and surpass the Battlehawks if they win one or fewer games going forth. Just like St. Louis, Seattle can also challenge for the division lead if they beat the Defenders this weekend.

Vegas Vipers – While the Vipers could technically win their remaining games and pull even with either the BattleHawks or Sea Dragons, St. Louis and Seattle play each other in Week 9. That ensures that one of the second place North teams will indeed win another game and finish no less than a game ahead of Vegas in the standings.

XFL South Playoff Hunt

XFL South Standings

  • Houston Roughnecks 4-3
  • Arlington Renegades 3-4
  • San Antonio Brahmas 2-5
  • Orlando Guardians 1-6

Houston Roughnecks: Houston needs to win two more games to clinch the South. The Roughnecks are still within reach of the Brahmas and Renegades, but Orlando cannot catch them before the end of the season. Houston will clinch a playoff spot if they beat the Brahmas this weekend.

Arlington Renegades: The Renegades are still in contention for the top spot in the South despite their losing record after seven games. They play both division leaders over the final three games so the road isn’t going to be easy for Arlington. A win this weekend will not clinch a playoff spot for Arlington, but it will create a situation where they can only miss by losing their final two games.

San Antonio Brahmas: The Brahmas’ playoff hopes ride on them winning against the Renegades this weekend. If they win, they’ll pull even with the Renegades and will control their own destiny. If not, they’ll be eliminated from the 2023 postseason.

Orlando Guardians: The Guardians have a shot at becoming a wild card team if they win their last three games and the Renegades lose out. This door was kept open by their improbable win against DC last weekend. We’re not betting on the Guardians to make the playoffs, but it’ll be entertaining watching them try.

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